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Physiotherapy Radier is the physio for young and old in Amsterdam South. You have come to the right place for physiotherapy, manual therapy, sports, dance, music, circus-related injuries and for point shoes assessment.

Physiotherapy Radier is a member of ShoulderNetwork Amsterdam. This is a collaboration of physiotherapists, general practitioners and medical specialists. This allows us to provide optimal treatment for your shoulder complaints.

Based on a personal approach, we investigate the underlying cause of the complaint together with you and we make a personal treatment plan. Based on years of experience and expertise, we offer you the best physiotherapeutic care.

Physiotherapy without referral of your gp

Did you sustain an injury while exercising? Have you sprained your ankle, do you have spine or shoulder pain? It is usually not wise to keep walking around with complaints. You can take your complaints just as seriously as we do. Do you want quick and good advice and also be able to resume your sport or work soon? Then we advise you to contact us. You can always go to Radier physiotherapy without a referral from your GP. We will of course inform you during the first consultation about the number of treatments to be expected in connection with the reimbursement.

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Fysiotherapie Radier & Online home exercises

Via online video instructions you can easily view and execute an exercise program specially compiled by us via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

In practice, it often turns out to be difficult for clients to remember all exercises and their performance that are taught by physiotherapists. While this is important for your recovery process.

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Physiotherapy Radier

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Manual Therapy

Painful joints or do you feel limited when moving? A manual therapist specializes in treating muscles and joints. Mobilizations and manipulations allow you to move more quickly without pain.

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Fysiotherapie voor dansers

Performing Arts

As a musician, dancer, or circus artist you can suffer from the most diverse injuries. As a former dancer and dance teacher and thanks to my many years of experience as a physical manual therapist at, among others, the National Ballet and the School of the Arts in Rotterdam (Codarts), I would like to help you become injury-free again and perform optimally.

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Physiotherapy in Amsterdam South


Door meermaals de juiste diagnose te stellen en passende behandelingen uit te voeren heeft Anita mijn leven zeer positief beïnvloed. Kundig, kalm, betrokken en scherp zijn de eerste woorden die in mij opkomen als ik denk aan de fysio- en manuele therapie van Anita. Ik kom al vanaf 2011 in de praktijk (door een chronische aandoening) en ik ga nooit meer weg.

Jurrian Knijtijzer

Anita Radier helpt mij enorm door altijd praktische en doeltreffende, heldere oefeningen mee te geven. Bij het consult filmt ze me vaker, zodat ik thuis nog eens kan checken hoe het precies moest en wat haar precieze aanwijzingen waren, dat vind ik erg fijn. 

Morele steun geeft ze ook; gewoon door te zijn hoe ze is: warm en empathisch. 

Ik ben haar zeer dankbaar; na mijn 25 jaar in het Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest, waar we vaker grote opera’s van bijvoorbeeld Wagner op het repertoire hebben, is de ondersteuning van Anita’s ‘know how’ van essentieel belang geweest voor mijn speelconditie.

Odile Torenbeek, altvioliste