Health Insurances

Physiotherapy and manual therapy are not reimbursed under the basic health insurance.

You must pay for this yourself, provided you have additional insurance, then you will usually be reimbursed for a number of physiotherapy or manual therapy treatments. This depends on your supplementary policy.

Therefore, check your policy conditions to see whether you have reimbursement for physiotherapy or manual therapy. This is your responsibility.

To guarantee quality, we have decided not to sign contracts with all health insurers in 2021.

With contracted health insurers, we submit the bill directly to your health insurer. If we do not have a contract with your health insurer, you will receive the bill from us. You can submit the bill to your health insurer yourself. You will usually be reimbursed between 60% and 100% of the bill through your health insurer. This depends on the type of policy. With a policy in kind you will be reimbursed part of your health insurer and with a refund policy you will usually be reimbursed 100%.

In 2021 we do not have an agreement with the following health insurers: Zorg & Zekerheid, Zorg Direct


Holland Zorg

Global Health

Physiotherapy has been directly accessible since 2006, which means that you can register without a referral from the doctor. If we consider it necessary after a first visit, we can contact your doctor.